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Dan Lundquist
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The Education Consultancy works as a partner with a small number of select clients in the education field to support optimal outcomes including but going beyond immediate projects. Offering Marketing Communication, Enrollment, and Revenue Solutions for:

  • Higher Education
  • Independent Secondary Schools
  • Individual Families

Dan Lundquist founded The Education Consultancy with colleagues with a wide range of skill sets who are committed to providing Marketing Communication support to non-profit organizations. Our belief is that the best solutions are those that insure but go beyond the success of single projects. The Education Consultancy serves a wide variety of secondary and post-secondary institutions across the United States, including human services Community Based Organizations.

"You are making important, timely, smart, and uncommonly candid contributions here!"

Jeffrey A. Sonnenfeld
Senior Associate Dean for Executive Programs
Yale University School of Management

"Your article on admissions was the best I’ve seen. As an interviewer for the Harvard College Schools and Scholarships Committee, I really wish that every applicant read your article!"

James Chung

"During his 30 years in admissions, Mr. Lundquist, a former vice president for admissions, financial aid, and communications at Union College, in New York, has earned a reputation as one of the profession's most frank and thoughtful observers."

The Chronicle of Higher Education


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